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Telescopic ball bearing slides from Accuride

Accuride telescopic ball bearing slides incorporate innovative design and manufacturing processes to achieve efficient, effective performance in a huge range of applications.

Over almost 50 years in the industry, we have developed and maintained Europe's largest stock of off-the-shelf ball bearing slides, and our extensive network of distributors means that we can deliver products quickly and provide full local support for our customers Europe-wide.

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in our specialist area, we are also able to offer custom-built movement and access solutions, based on telescopic and
linear motion slides, to original equipment manufacturers across a wide variety of industries.

The areas in which our products play an integral part include:

ball bearing slide medical trolley

• Industrial plant and equipment.
• Electronic enclosures.
• Telecommunications.
• Medical equipment.
• Industrial storage.
• Vending/cash machines.
• Rail, road and marine transport.

Our multi-disciplinarian design engineers are ideally qualified to create innovative and cost-effective sliding solutions for any application you may require. 

Ball bearing slides for domestic appliances

ball bearing slides oven shelf

One sector in which we have enjoyed considerable success in recent years is the high-end domestic appliance industry. Incorporating our ball bearing slides into oven drawers and shelves, fridge shelves and dishwashers adds an extra dimension of fluidity and ease-of-use that increases the overall consumer impression of quality, which is essential in making these appliances desirable.

Designing telescopic slides for domestic appliances holds it own special set of challenges, which we believe showcases the particular skills and talents of our designers and manufacturing engineers. In such applications, heat, cold and water immersion present problems which must be overcome if the slide is to continue to perform effectively year in and year out.

Using a combination of sophisticated engineering and well-chosen materials, we are able to create and manufacture bespoke ball bearing slides for all kinds of domestic appliances which consumers can continue to enjoy and appreciate throughout the lifespan of the appliance. 

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