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Accuride linear motion slides

In addition to our off-the-shelf linear motion slides, we can also develop and produce linear motion slides for use by original equipment manufacturers.

Building on our achievements in our specialist area of telescopic slides our experienced engineers have developed an innovative linear slide for adjustable car armrests.

Wide Slide web
Typically, the desired movement outcome is achieved through a pair of ball bearing slides. In implementing our solution, however, we were able to produce a single flat-mounted linear slide called the ‘wide slide’.

The wide slide’s internal configuration allows space for additional features and the current production slides encompass a method of controlling efforts using either a rotary or a friction damper. This has delivered exactly what the OEM was looking for in terms of feel and overall performance.

Custom-made linear motion slides

Since its conception, this particular linear motion slide has been adopted by a number of major OEMs for current and future car production. We can design and create high-quality linear motion slides for a wide variety of custom applications. Depending on the specific requirements of your product, we can also incorporate many of our special features into the slide, such as integrated hinge options and assisted movement.

Our custom-made linear motion slides undergo stringent test procedures to ensure that they will perform exactly as required, time after time, in their intended application. These can include vibration testing, corrosion resistance and load bearing capabilities, depending on the end-use of the linear motion slide.

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