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Jan 2009

Accuride drawer slides - high-quality engineering

With almost half a century of experience in designing and manufacturing drawer slides, Accuride combines established expertise with creativity and innovation to produce world-class products that perform flawlessly time after time in even the most demanding environments.

From bespoke sliders specifically designed for particular applications to our vast range of off-the-shelf slider solutions, Accuride can consistently deliver a level of performance and reliability that can't fail to impress.

Our drawer slides can be found in a huge range of applications worldwide, from household furniture and cabinets to electronic enclosures and high-end industrial equipment.

In designing slides for a new application, we put the customer's need at the forefront of the process, studying in-depth the specific requirements of the brief and developing effective, cost-efficient solutions that integrate seamlessly into your application.

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Accuride drawer slides: special features
Drawer slides play an important role in the functionality of furniture and cabinets for the home or office. The enhanced perception of quality and feel that our drawer slides can provide makes them an enduring favourite with cabinetmakers, architects and designers who want to bring out the very best in their creations. 

Some of the special features that we can incorporate into our drawer runners include:

• Easy-Close - An integrated soft close mechanism allows drawers to gently slide closed, eliminating slamming.

• Self-Closing - Self-closing slides ensure that drawers return to the closed position and stay closed after use, maximising space in the surrounding environment.

Touch-Release - With touch release cabinet slides, the drawer opens with a gentle push, which means there's no need for knobs or handles.

• Action-Assist - A breakthrough in drawer slide design, Action-Assist slides provide assistance both when opening and closing the drawer.

Whatever your requirements are, we can provide expertly engineered drawer slides that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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