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Heavy duty slides: top performance at high load weights

Accuride's heavy duty slides are designed to deliver sustained and reliable performance at high load weights. We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf heavy duty slides with a range of different features to provide sophisticated solutions to all kinds of movement and access applications.

Some typical uses for our industrial drawer slides include:

heavy duty slide

• Industrial workstations.
• Medical emergency trolleys.
• Heavy duty machine tools and mechanical devices.
• Vehicle battery access.
• Materials handling.
• Emergency vehicle equipment access.

In applications where load weight is critical, we can provide extension slides that take the strain effortlessly even at full extension. Our Quick Ship catalogue features a number of different heavy duty slide designs to give you a wider range of choice when it comes to addressing the requirements of your application.

Bespoke heavy duty slides from Accuride

In addition to our Quick Ship range, we can also provide bespoke heavy duty slides for all kinds of high weight load applications. As movement and access specialists, we work closely with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions that perform flawlessly even under the most testing conditions.

We can incorporate a number of special features into our heavy duty telescopic slides depending on the nature of your application, including:

• Corrosion resistance.
• Automatic hold-in.
• Lock out and lock in.
• Shock blocks to absorb shocks and vibration.
• 100%+ extension.

Whatever the specific nature of your application, we can use our heavy duty slide design and manufacturing expertise to work with you and provide a solution that meets your needs exactly. 

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